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CityWide Solutions

Asset Management

CityWide Asset Manager (formerly CityWide TA) is a web-based, industry-leading TCA compliance and Asset Management module. This application provides municipalities with a complete asset registry for all asset types. All TCA financial reporting is easily handled through default reporting engines. Key asset management features include lifecycle planning, condition assessment, risk analysis, levels of service, and project prioritization. 



Complete Asset Registry

Inventory your organization's assets, including related financial, condition, and user-defined data. Track asset amortization, adjustments, lifecycle, condition, risk, and other important metrics for managing and maintaining tangible capital assets.

Easy Report Generation

One-click generated suite of reports, including PSAB, FIR, and SORP for easy year-end submissions and compliance. Rich graphing engine to visually construe these reports for presentations and organizational literature.

Lifecycle, Condition, and Risk Analysis

Track condition assessments and compare against age-based condition to determine how your assets are faring. Assess risk to facilitate the best maintenance and replacement placs for your assets. Combine with replacement costing and asset lifecycles to formulate a long-term asset management plan.


CWTA integrates with our other software applications to offer more meaningful financial analysis (CPA), maintenance planning/tracking (Works), and engineering/location data (GIS).


Create ad-hoc reports in conjunction with data filters and analysis tools to aggregate the data your organization needs. Tailor the application to suit your organization's unique circumstances from organizational structure to asset classifications and user-defined attributes.

Additional features

  • Replacement Cost calculators (user-defined cost, index tables, cost/unit)
  • Built-in GIS viewer that offers integration with existing GIS systems
  • Attach unlimited documents such as invoices, photos, and warranties
  • Track WIP assets and transfer assets into multiple projects

Updated CityWide Asset Manager Features:

  • Enhanced Lifecycle Analysis
  • Enhanced Risk Modelling 
  • Enhanced Mapping & Integration with GIS and Financial Systems
  • Industry Standard Deterioration Curves


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