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FMW Web Capital Plan and Fund Manager support the planning for capital projects which may span multiple years and have differing financial and non-financial characteristics and impacts. Each project can be easily associated with a department, related projects, project manager, location and any other user-defined attribute. Users can quantify the impact of the capital projects on the operating budget.

FMW Web Salary Plan is an advanced compensation planning system, which facilitates the real-time creation of detailed and accurate plans and forecasts for staffing expenditures. Users can plan for anticipated events such as promotions, compensation changes, changes to overtime hours and employee-position-step movements. 




FMW Operating Plan provides all the tools required to produce single- or multi-year operating budgets and plans. Users can exercise precise control over the budgeting process while distributing budget preparation and analysis throughout the organization. Users can start the budget at zero or from a prior year. Multiple views and reports can immediately reveal the impact of a budget change on a specific account, department, division or the whole organization. 


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