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CityWide Solutions


CityWide GIS is a versatile solution for an organization's emerging GIS needs. It serves as a repository for spatial data that is served up to an association web-based viewer, with potential to draw from, and serve, third party systems. Key design principles include an intuitive interface with high visual impact, to produce demonstrable maps while maintaining the required internal functionality that an organization needs. It is designed to function as a standalone system together with existing client systems. CityWide GIS is also configured to include import and migration capabilities for clients with an existing GIS solution.



Rich, web-based viewer

Provide every member of your organization access to GIS data without worrying about per-seat pricing. Our intuitive viewer allows those unfamiliar with the technical specifics of GIS systems to perfom meaningful data analysis.

Data Migration

Support for industry-standard spatial data formats (ESRI shapefiles, KML/GML, and various other vector and raster data types) loaded by our support staff. Makes use of existing provincial basemaps and geocoding data as a starting point for organizations with and without existing data.


Link GIS features to assets in CityWide Asset Manager for more meaningful data analysis. Use as a unifying source between engineering and financial data. Perform condition/lifecycle assessments that can be visualized through themed maps.


Use CWGIS as a viewer-only system, or make full use to update existing spatial data as well as facilitate the creation of new data- keep your organization's spatial information current and relevant.

Hosted Storage

Through the use of a unified data store, users do not need to worry about passing around different revisions of maps. The single point of access web viewer allows all members of an organization to access and draw from one set of data.

Additional features:

  • Capabilities for light-weight mobile-friendly alternative viewer
  • Built on OSGeo/OGC principles
  • Can push out WMS/WFS and various Tile Server services for use in 3rd party software 
  • Can cascade existing WMS/WFS services


info [at] publicsectordigest [dot] com (subject: GIS%20Inquiry, body: I%20am%20interested%20in%20learning%20more%20about%20your%20GIS%20software.) (Contact our asset management team to learn more. )