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Grant Applications


PSD's research team is available to assist municipalities with the completion of grant funding applications. With new federal and provincial/territorial funding programs launching every month, and changes being made constantly to existing programs, municipal managers and department heads must stay on top of the deadlines, requirements, and supplementary resources needed to complete each application. Municipalities collect just 8 cents of every tax dollar collected in Canada. Therefore grant funding is essential to supplement the limited tax base of Canadian cities. Missing a major grant application deadline due to constraints in capacity will only worsen the ability for a municipality to respond to future grant funding opportunities.

Engage PSD to conduct the necessary research and coordination of your next grant funding application. PSD's research team will work with your designated project coordinator/manager on your grant application to ensure that all fields of the application are completed thoroughly and to a high standard. PSD will conduct a final review of the application checking for spelling/grammatical errors, alignment with the purpose of the federal or provincial funding program, and to ensure that all requirements of the application have been satisfied.

In the field of municipal asset management alone, new grant funding requirements are consistantly emerging with varying deadlines, requirements, and expectations across all provinces and territories. With in-house expertise in tangible capital asset management planning, PSD is able to combine an acute understanding of the asset management requirements attached to renewed Federal Gas Tax Fund agreements with a comprehensive approach to asset management planning and capacity building, to strengthen grant funding applications.

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“PSD’s review of our Small Communities Fund (SCF) application ensured that we were meeting the requirements of the grant program, helping us secure funding for our infrastructure project.” 

                                                                                                                                           Gordon R Duff, Treasurer/Deputy CAO, Town of Minto