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Ontario to Reverse Retroactive Funding Cuts to Municipalities

Ontario to Reverse Retroactive Funding Cuts to Municipalities

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced on Monday that the Ontario Government has reversed this year's cuts to municipal funding, including child care, public health, and ambulance services. 

Since the release of the 2019 Ontario Budget on April 11, provincial funding for municipal governments have undergone retroactive changes and cuts on a steady basis. Many of the reductions have motivated municipalities to consider tax increases, service cuts, and/or delayment of projects to account for the funding adjustments. 

In the annoucement, Premier Ford alluded that future cuts would continue as planned, but that the reversal gives municipalies "more runway" to reduce spending. 

Premier Ford, reiterated that the Province has allocated$200M to 405 small and rurual municipalities to perform service delivery reviews and search for funding efficiencies. He also mentioned the recently announced $7.35M in funding for municipalities to obtain auditing services in the hopes that reductions in spending can be found prior to the future cuts. 

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