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CityWide Performance is an enterprise-wide web-based application designed to track performance against established targets. It utilizes a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard format allowing for rapid implementation and minimal training time. Measures, targets, stretch targets, and performance gaps are captured and presented in a variety of formats including graphs, charts, and dashboards. Project and process owners are identified, and performance gap analsys are automated, enabling better and accelerated decision-making. Monthly meeting times are significantly reduced as the focus is on results and outcomes.



Based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology

The Performance application is based on the time-tested Balanced Scorecard performance measurement methodology used by organizations of all sizes to better understand their successes and their failures.

Facilitates a deep understanding of performance metrics

A layered system of performance management allows for deep examination of performance metrics, lettin cities access both a high-level strategic view and low-level raw data. This creates a deep understanding of what areas are most in need of improvement.

Enables multiple user collaboration

A flexible permissions system allows for total control of who has access to what information, and accountability by assigning specific performance indicators and objectives to specific people.

Flexible reporting features

The integrated report builder feature allows for the creation of an unlimited number of custom reports, which lets users spend more time analyzing only relevant data.

Accessible everywhere

Built using the latest in web technologies, CityWide Performance is available on virtually any modern web-enabled device. This means your data is accessible from wherever you are, allowing for instant lookup.

Additional features:

  • Improves financial and operational planning
  • Allows for rapid response when goals are not achieved
  • Improved transparency for staff, council, and citizens


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