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PSD announces launch of open data & geospatial benchmarking

PSD announces launch of open data & geospatial benchmarking

Today, to a live webinar audience of more than 75 government organizations from across North America, PSD announced the launch of the 2019 Open Cities Index (OCI) and Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI). The OCI was developed in 2015 in partnership with Canada's Open Data Exchange (ODX) as an appraisal framework to gauge the maturity of municipal open data programs. The GMI was launched in 2018 to benchmark the maturity of a public sector organization’s GIS (geographic information system) program. Both indices capture data through a comprehensive survey, asking respondents to answer questions related to their organization’s open data and GIS program readiness, implementation and impact.

Since 2015, hundreds of towns, cities, police departments and conservation authorities across North America have completed the OCI and GMI surveys in order to determine the state of maturity for their respective open data and GIS programs. Respondents have used the results of both indices to help create a strategy for building greater organizational capacity and maturity. Using a standardized survey allows for respondents to compare the results year after year, contributing to enhanced performance measurement. The highest scoring organizations for both indices are acknowledged for their excellence in open data and GIS program development.       

Now, PSD will be launching the 2019 OCI and GMI surveys simultaneously in order to maximize efficiency and facilitate cross-departmental collaboration during survey completion. Like in prior years, survey results will be presented separately for the OCI and GMI, however both sets of results will be announced together this fall. Both surveys will open May 29th and close September 13th, providing respondents with nearly four months for survey completion.

If your public sector organization is interested in benchmarking your open data and GIS programs for enhanced performance measurement, look for the launch of the OCI and GMI surveys this spring. In the meantime, feel free to contact PSD if you have questions about these benchmarking initiatives or how to participate. 



May 29th - GMI & OCI Surveys Open

September 13th - GMI & OCI Surveys Close

November 2019 - GMI & OCI Results Announced