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CityWide Solutions


 PSD's CityWide Solutions were designed with the municipal end-user in mind. While all of our applications are intuitive, we offer training packages to provide clients with the knowledge and skills to fully utilize their CityWide Solutions.  Our training sessions are delivered via a webinar, using and GoToMeeting, as well as on-site. Training hours can be saved for future use (we do not require that clients redeem all hours at once), and may be split between applications (i.e. a half-day on CityWide Asset Manager and a half-day on CPA or Works). CityWide tailors all training specifically to the organization’s needs. We understand that all of our clients are at different stages in application of their asset management and budgeting practices.   Types of training

  • Overview and Navigation– Where clients get familiar with the system including how and where data is stored
  • Data Entry and Review – Learn to load assets, projects, work orders, etc. and/or reconfigure the inventory to enhance reporting capacity
  • Data Refinement - Streamlines reporting practices 
  • Reporting – Review and understand financial, lifecycle and all other reports
  • Asset Management Training – Available at both the software level (getting the information into the tools) as well as program setup including processes, procedures and practices to assist and define the management of infrastructure (i.e. condition assessment development, risk and criticality model development, etc.)

 Contact our Lead Trainer to learn more