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Hiring the Right Asset Management Coordinator for your Organization

Session Date:
April 25, 2019 | 1-2 pm EST
Asset Managers or Coordinators are suddenly in demand across North America's local governments and other public sector organizations. Due to new regulatory or funding requirements, as well as the growing awareness surrounding infrastructure deficits, municipalities and utilities are increasingly opting to introduce a new dedicated position responsible for the coordination of asset management activities, strategy and performance. Hiring for a technical and multi-disciplinary role, like an Asset Manager, and ensuring that the chosen candidate is the right fit can be a significant challenge for an organization. 
The webinar is in partnership with MuniSERV. Founder and Principal, Susan Shannon, will open the webinar with a brief overview of municipal concerns when hiring new talent. Attendees will gain insight on how best to hire asset management expertise to compliment their organization's unique needs. This webinar will cover the following:
  • How to determine the right skills and qualifications to include in a brand new posting (for many municipalities this will be the first time hiring an Asset Manager or Coordinator)
  • Where to post a technical job posting for maximum results  
  • How to interview and assess candidates to ensure the right person is hired for the job - asset management is a cross-disciplinary field involving finance, public works and often the CAO, so how do you make sure the candidate meets the needs of various stakeholders?
  • How to onboard a new hire successfully in a role that didn't previously exist 


Additionally, attendees will learn about the Asset Management Competency Framework that CNAM, in collaboration with a collection of national partners, are developing. The Framework is to support organizational training and staff hiring. More information can be read here.


  • Crystal Tan, Asset Management Coordinator, Town of Fort Frances
  • Iain Cranston, IC Infrastructure
  • Andrew Martin, Director of Human Resources, City of Cambridge



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