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archived webinar

How to Bring Affordable and Effective Broadband Connectivity to your Community


With limited resources and fierce competition for business and talent, municipalities must get creative with their ecdev policies and partnerships. In this PSD webinar, participants learned how small and rural communities across North America are leveraging affordable and effective broadband connectivity to enable economic growth. Featuring panelists from the New York Area, Southwestern Ontario, Atlantic Canada, and Alberta, this webinar provided participants with strategies and resources to gain support for a connectivity project in your region, followed by a discussion of best practices for squeezing the greatest economic value for your community out of enhanced connectivity. Purchase this PSD Webinar to learn how to kick-start or accelerate a connectivity initiative in your town or region.

Original Air Date: June 21st, 1pm- 2PM ET


  • Norm Jacknis, Senior Fellow, Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)
  • Nancy Flam, Principal, Flam Consulting and Associates, formerly Project Director with Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia
  • Geoff Hogan, IT Director, Grey County Ontario, and SWIFT Initiative Staff Lead
  • Ashleigh Weeden, Communications & Community Engagement, Grey County Ontario, and Connected County Initiative Project Lead
  • Mitch Thompson, Executive Director, Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development, Town of Olds, Alberta


Who Should Watch?

  • City Managers/CAOs
  • Wardens
  • Mayors/Councillors
  • Economic Development Officers
  • Finance Officers
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Asset Managers
  • Planners
  • Human Resources
  • Federal and Provincial Policy Analysts



Registrants will receive a copy of the presentation slides, a full video recording of the webinar, and the following supplementary research materials to assist you with adopting best practices:

  • Intelligent Connectivity at the City of Stratford - PSD Research
  • The Future of Rural Communities in an Urban World - Robert Bell, Intelligent Communities Forum
  • How to Manage a Small Community (And Enjoy It): A CAO's Perspective - Chris Wray, Municipality of Wawa