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archived webinar

How to Navigate Amalgamation: From the Decision to the Outcome

The question of amalgamation is being brought up in cities, towns, and regions across Canada. There are many perspectives to consider; whether or not to amalgamate is a complicated question, the process itself can become convoluted, and the legal and bureaucratic processes are inherently complex.
In this PSD webinar we heard from experts of the amalgamation process who have studied the issue from the policy side, and worked through the process themselves. Featuring speakers from the University of Windsor, and Simcoe County, this webinar tackled the issue from a variety of angles. Whether your government is involved in annexation, amalgamation, or weighing the benefits against the pitfalls, our speakers were able to address the most pertinent of these questions.
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: April 27th, 2016 1pm-2pm ET


  • Lydia Miljan, Associate Professor, University of Windsor
  • Tony Guergis, former Warden of Simcoe County
  • Joe Masi, Executive Director, Association of Manitoba Municipalities


  • City Managers/CAOs
  • City Planners
  • Mayors/Council/Councilors
  • Government Accounting
  • Procurement and Tendering
  • Asset Managers
  • Public Works
  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Policy Analysts


Registrants will receive a copy of the presentation slides, a full video recording of the webinar, and the following supplementary research materials to assist you with adopting best practices in amalgamation:
  • City-Council Separation: When Municipalities Cross the Line - Zachary Spicer, Western University
  • The York Region N6: Innovation in Municipal Shared Services - Brittney Yeats and the N6 Caos
  • An Insider's Assessment of the York N6 Municipal Collaboration - David Cash, Cash & Associates Inc.


"A better method than forced amalgamation would be to work with two groups: those willing and ready to amalgamate, and those struggling to be sustainable." - Joe Masi
"Amalgamation is not always a solution for municipal cost-saving." - Lydia Miljan
"Controlling public perception is vital to a smooth municipal amalgamation." - Tony Guergis