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archived webinar

Asset Management Gas Tax Requirements for Ontario's Municipalities


The renewed Federal Gas Tax Fund Agreement for Ontario required that municipalities completed an asset management plan (AMP) by the end of 2016 that included assets from all 16 Gas Tax eligible spending categories.

This open PSD Webinar took participants through the detailed requirements of Ontario's Federal Gas Tax Fund Agreement, followed by a presentation of PSD's approach to the completion of an asset management plan.
In 2013, PSD completed more than 120 of the AMPs for Ontario's municipalities. PSD's 2016 AMP process incorporated many statistical measures that helped facilitate communications between council and staff, and the municipality and its constituents.
Our financial strategies demonstrate the impact a municipality may experience as it sets various levels of service (LoS) targets for it's major infrastructure services, and calibrates the useful life assigned to key assets for better alignment with industry standards.
Our 2016 AMP also offered comparative data that highlighted how the municipality's performance has evolved over time, and how it compares to a meaningful peer group.
Lastly, the report indicated the level of confidence that staff have in the data used to develop the asset management plan.