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Using the Infrastructure Database of Canada (IDC) for Smarter Asset Management Decision-Making

The two primary risks to municipal financial sustainability are the lifecycle costs of infrastructure and establishing levels of service that exceed fiscal capacity. The Infrastructure Database of Canada (IDC) is designed to increase the resident infrastructure acumen of municipalities in order to improve long-term planning. It catalogs key physical and financial attributes of tangible capital assets in a centralized, web-based platform. Municipalities can use the breadth and depth of this comparative data to recalibrate their long-term expenditures on infrastructure and align it over time with industry standards, and regional and national top performers with comparable demographics.

The IDC was developed to help municipalities identify where they may be deviating from the norm when planning for their infrastructure investments. Member municipalities can refine detailed comparative data by province, population size, infrastructure class, and other important parameters to make data more relevant to their decision-making and communication initiatives. Some of the comparisons that member municipalities can conduct in the IDC include:

  • Infrastructure funding levels relative to other municipalities
  • Whether the useful life assigned to capital assets are comparable to a geographic and demographic peer group
  • The condition ratings of capital assets and how they rank relative to participating municipalities
  • Whether the costs of key lifecycle activities, e.g., maintenance and rehabilitation, are analogous to neighbouring communities
  • The size of infrastructure portfolio by class, number of assets, and replacement costs

Addressing the infrastructure challenge requires municipalities to be firing on all cylinders. The IDC will empower decision-makers with greater analytical capability and deep, data-driven insights.

Register your whole asset management team for this open PSD Webinar to see a full demonstration of the capabilities and data sets included in the IDC and learn how you can use this tool to advance your municipality's asset management program. A full interactive Q&A session will follow the IDC demonstration.

ORIGINIAL AIR DATE: May 3, 2016 1pm-2pm ET

Who Should Participate?

  • City Managers/CAOs
  • City Councillors/Mayors
  • Finance Officers/Treasurers
  • Public Works/Engineering
  • City/Town Clerks
  • Provincial/Federal policy analysts

Viewing the Webinar

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