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archived webinar

Inclusionary Zoning Legislation in Ontario: Making the Best Policy Decisions for your Community

The Government of Ontario plans to introduce legislation that would allow municipalities to require private developers to allocate a portion of all proposed residential housing units as affordable housing. Inclusionary housing policies, proponents argue, help create diverse, healthy neighbourhoods. Critics, however, argue that costs are simply pushed on to other renters and homeowners. At present, municipalities do not have the authority to put inclusionary housing policies in place. In light of this forthcoming legislation, this PSD webinar will explore the positives and challenges of inclusionary zoning, helping attendees make the right policy decisions for their municipality.

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: May 11th, 2016 1pm - 2pm ET



  • Joe Vaccaro, CEO, Ontario Home Builders Association (OHBA)
  • Matthew Baldwin, Director of Planning, City of Langford BC
  • Gregg Barrett, Manager, Long Range Planning & Research, City of London

Who Should Watch?

  • CAOs
  • Planners
  • Policy analysts
  • Clerks/By-law officers
  • Community services
  • Mayors/councillors
  • Developers/contractors

Webinar Package Includes:

Registrants will receive a copy of the presentation slides, a full video recording of the webinar, and the following supplementary research materials to assist you with housing policies: